Theatrical Film PR

NRC has a long history of managing theatrical film PR in Perth. We have managed publicity and promotional campaigns across Western Australia for theatrical film releases for over two decades.

The range of experience across thousands of titles includes many Australian premieres, red carpet soirées and publicity tours, with well-established exhibitor relationships.

NRC currently represents Paramount Pictures and Transmission Films in WA. Our long term film clients (over 15 years) include 20th Century Fox Film Distributors, Hopscotch Entertainment One Films and Transmission Films.

The agency has collaborated on blockbusters such as Avatar, Borat, Australia, Absolutely Fabulous The Movie, The Simpsons Movie, Star Wars Episode II and III, Die Another Day (007 Bond), Die Hard 4.0, The Devil Wears Prada, Moulin Rouge, Ride Like A Girl, LA LA Land and Rocketman.

NRC shines with specialist and arthouse film product and has worked on cult campaigns such as Black Swan, The Blair Witch Project, Enron, Fast Food Nation, Chopper, Lolita, Lantana, Fahrenheit 911, Hounds of Love and Lion.